New Japan Radio Co., LTD (New JRC) is currently one of the most successful manufacturers of semiconductors offering a wide range of high end products for commercial and consumer applications ranging from professional audio to high reliability automotive products utilizing Bipolar, CMOS, Bi-CMOS and GaAS process technologies. NJR is a certified ISO 9001/9002 company.

Some End Applications

  • Point-of-Sales System
  • Networking / Industrial Equipment
  • Consumers products – eg. Sewing Machine, Jackpot machines

Integrated Circuits, Stepper Motor Controller IC

  • DC Brush Motor, DC Brushless Motor, Fan Motor, General Motor
  • Unipolar Stepper Motor,
  • Stepper Motor Controllers
  • Three Phase BLDC Motor Pre-Drivers
  • Three Phase BLDC Motor Controllers
  • Single Phase BLDC Motor Drivers
  • Two Phase Unipolar BLDC Motor Pre-Drivers
  • FET Gate Driver for General Motor Application

Other NJR Products

  1. Comparators
  2. Operational Amplifier
  3. Power Supply ICs
  4. Communication ICs
  5. Motor IC
  6. Video ICs
  7. Optoelectronics Devices
  8. Microprocessor Peripheral ICs
  9. Quartz Crystal Oscillator Ics
  10. LE Driver
  11. VFD Driver
  12. LCD Driver
  13. ASSP
  14. A/D Converters
  15. Analog Switch ICs
  16. GaAs MMICs
  17. Audio ICs

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