Power Resistors, Axial Leads and Radial Leads with Non-Inductive Designs Type MS Power Film Resistors

Type MS Power Film Resistors

  • Power Rating to 22 Watts, Voltage Rating to 6000 Volts,
  • Max. Temperature +275°C, Non-Inductive Design, 18 Models

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Type MV Low Resistance Power Film Resistors

  • Resistance from 0.1 ohm to 50 ohms, Power Rating to 10 Watts
  • Max. Temperature +275°C, Non-Inductive Design

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MK232 and MK227 Precision Power Film Resistors with Non-Inductive Design

  • 3/4 Watt at 400 Volts Max. and 1/2 Watt at 200 Volts Max. at +85°C,
  • Resistance 1 ohm to as high as 5 Me go hms

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